February 01, 2018

Accuracy International has been supplying rifles for over 30 years to tactical teams in police and military operations around the world. Their products are durable, and more importantly, always accurate. They offer the “finest sniper rifles” in the world and are trusted by hundreds of thousands of armed service members. 

They sell three rifle systems: AX, AT, and AX50. They also have their AICS chassis system line. Their AX rifle system is their latest addition to their lineup and comes in two calibers: .300 Win mag and .338 Lapua. It weighs 15 pounds empty with a standard setup—that means no scope, a 27” barrel, and a tactical muzzle brake. It comes in dark earth, pale brown, and green and the Elite Series comes in Elite Sand and Elite Midnight. 

Their AT rifle system stands for Accuracy Tactical and shoots .308 Winchester. It weighs 12.8 pounds empty with no scope and a 24” barrel. It does not feature a muzzle break, but the adjustable cheek piece, pistol grip, and durable barrel (finished in CERAKOTE Elite Midnight) have made it a very popular choice. It comes in Black, Green, and Pale Brown 

Lastly, their AX50 rifle system is “designed to withstand constant deployment”. It shoots .50 BMG caliber and weighs 26.5 pounds when empty. It has a 27” barrel without a muzzle brake. Like the AX, it comes in Dark Earth, Green, and Pale Brown with the Elite Sand and Elite Midnight options available for extra durability. It features a 2-position safety as well.

All in all, the rifles Accuracy International  produces are designed to be incredible durable and withstand all sorts of use and abuse. They are rugged and made to shoot accurately time after time in all sorts of high-stress situations. They recognize the critical need for accuracy and quick shooting, which is why Accuracy International  has been the choice of military and police operations for more than 30 years now.