Our thoughts on last weeks terrible shooting

Our thoughts on last weeks terrible shooting

February 19, 2018

Our thoughts, prayers and support go out to the victims and survivors of the Parkland, FL high school massacre. While we sincerely hope that a serious dialogue begins about viable solutions to prevent such incidences of domestic terrorism, we, unfortunately, remain very pessimistic about any productive bipartisan efforts that would result in saving lives and preventing future acts of violence.

It is our strong feeling that while everyone feels shocked about what happened, it is responsible gun owners that feel worse about this and all the other tragedies that have occurred. This is because we know that after such horror, all we see from the media and our elected politicians will amount to nothing more than the usual misinformation, psychobabble and meaningless double talk. It results in hours of incessant and annoying breaking news sensationalism that will do nothing to cure the problem, but will, bottom line, be nothing more than a cheap shot to gun, enthusiasts and the gun industry.

We will hear about more intense gun control and banning certain types of weapons. The old call for eliminating the sale of bump stocks will arise again. There will be the mindless social media obnoxious proliferation of hash-tags, go-fund me sites and celebrities droning on about the evil NRA. Pseudo journalists like Chris Matthews and Harris Faulkner anxiously waiting to “discuss” the panacea of gun-free Australia while taking a quick pause from their infatuation and sensationalism of the latest presidential tweet or memo from Congress. Out of the dark corners like roaches will come the former, retired, ex, one-time, prior, resigned and terminated former “experts” to get their 2 minutes of on air exposure.

Law enforcement calls it LDLR or (it) just doesn't feel right. That is precisely what all this is. We in the business of guns know that all this garbage in – garbage out talk is a waste of time. We know that it just doesn't feel right, it's BS. In “Atlas Shrugged”, Ayn Rand said it best - “The general policy of the press had been stated by a famous editor five years ago. There are no objective facts, he had said. Every report on facts is only somebody's opinion. It is, therefore, useless to write about facts.” That was written in 1957. Nothing has changed.

The dinosaur brain thinking of the media and Hollywood is sadly mirrored by our government. On FOX, we watched our director of national “intelligence”, Dan Coats, testify before Congress that a key component to the (war on drugs) opioid epidemic in the United States would be to push “just say no” talks between parents and kids in church on PTA's (parent teacher associations). This absurdity exemplifies the out of touch mindset of our Federal government toward guns, crime, drugs and health care.

We were shocked last week when The New York Times actually published an op-ed piece by John R. Lott, Jr. saying that “Background checks are not the answer to gun violence.” If you don't know John, we highly recommend you read his book “The War on Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies”. It is available through Amazon Prime.

So, what now? Where do we go from here? Should we avoid talking about the cesspool of violence in Chicago? Maybe we need a total ban on anything that could possibly hurt us. That's the role of government - correct? A few idiots eat Tide pods so let's ban them. Do we need background checks on anyone that wants to buy laundry detergent? It's a miracle that you can still purchase a crock pot or go to the hardware store to get nails or an ax. These are not the solutions.

Is not the real problem here the individual and not the gun? What about the already broken system not functioning properly, again, in Parkland? Why is it not the role of local law enforcement based on information from the schools and the community to “keep an eye” on troubled individuals? With the all the advanced technology we now have, all this “insta-sharing” of everyone's private business, locations and photographs on social media, there is less efficiency of taking care of our communities and protecting us than ever before?

 All the increased gun “control”, bans and limitations will do nothing. It's all a smokescreen masking the real problem. We have the resources to protect ourselves, but they are not allocated properly. What good are all the social services in the world if they don't do their job. What good is the FBI if they can't simply do the proper follow up of viable tip? The system failed – again. Guns have been in existence for hundreds of years, helping to feed and protect the population. The right to gun ownership is a key component of freedom. What is very different now is the unaddressed and untreated mental illness of a small number of sick individuals that is the real cause of domestic terrorism. Saying it was the weapon is nothing more than a cheap shot to guns.